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In addition, we being the prime eco-friendly copper wire manufacturer in Pakistan, provide the best copper wire rate in the industry. Our affordable copper wire price extends to base metal wires, including Brass wire. Tinned Copper Wire. Silver Plated Copper Wire. Moreover. Innate manufactures 100% pure copper with an anti- tarnish coating, so our copper metal wires meet the industry standards and quality tests.

Have been serving our customers with the Best Copper wire at global standards, and satisfying their copper wire needs in all gauges and weights since our establishment.


Our color-enameled and bendable copper metal wire with antique copper coloring can cater to several sculpting and jewelry projects. wire woven dresses, art, and craftwork.


Also, we provide custom copper wire, craft wire, and copper wire roll at wholesale to all scale factories, shops, boutiques, and design industries. We are entrusted for on-time and fast delivery to preferred destinations.


Our mission, Vision, and Values

strengthen each of the customized solutions we specialize in. One of the cornerstones of our company has always been our technically superior, hands-on sales professionals, who are quick to consult with you in the field or on the phone. They thrive on delivering dynamic product demonstrations, carefully assessing your needs, We pride ourselves in being curious and qualified problem-solvers who will eagerly listen to your specific story and provide precise, specific recommendations FOR YOUR ART & BUSINESS.

Are you looking for high-quality copper wire with a shine to your homemade crafts and jewels?

Or fancy adding a creative and vibrant energy to your jewelry designs?

Grab our copper wire roll in bulk at affordable copper wire price to fulfill the market demand and your unique business needs like glamorous to vintage jewelry Furthermore, we are proud of our artistic and perfect go-to wires for earrings to bracelets gem wrap pendants ear wires, jump rings stringing beaded chains, and more. So contact us for custom wires complimentary with your bead and gemstones threading and wrapping

Craft wire lets you realize your fashion style sensations through artwork and metallic copper dress wire mesh with color-plated copper wire.

So be ready to surprise your client base with state-of-the-art copper wire woven dresses wire Sculptures, karst art to wedding clothes with an eye-popping sheen

We Have "No Problem" and Limitations to Meet Your Customized Requirements In The Best Lowest Prices.

We are Highly Praised For 100% Satisfactory Outputs in Terms Of Length, Color, Gauge & Highly Malleable Wires. With Our State Of The ART Manufacturing Setup, Qualified Staff & Highly Strict SOPs

We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster to social and economical improvements in the community we do business. ABSOLUTELY!